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Ventrilo Servers

If you’re looking for a Ventrilo server host, your search stops at DarkStar. We have been providing gamers lag-free and reliable Ventrilo server hosting since 2005. Why DarkStar? It’s simple. We do it better than the competition. Take the tour and decide for yourself.

DarkStar utilizes Data Centers in the following regions: United States (all major areas), Canada (all major areas), South America (Brazil), Western Europe (all major areas), Asia (Hong Kong), Middle East (Israel), Oceania (Singapore, Western Australia, Eastern Australia).

Still Skeptical? Don't worry!

Signing up for anything online can be nerve racking. DarkStar offers you the following assurance:

  • Legitimate. Directly licensed since 2005 by Flagship Industries
  • Safe. PCI compliant and Hacker Safe (scanned daily)
  • Reliable. 24/7-support via our support suite.
  • Real People. Brick and mortar offices in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Private. No customer data released except by U.S. law
  • No Contracts. Cancel at any time by submitting a support ticket
  • Risk-Free. If we can’t fix your problem, you’ll get a refund

The DarkStar Guarantee

DarkStar stands behind our promises. If you have a problem with our Ventrilo service, let us know. If we cannot fix it within five business days, and you’re in the first 45 days of your sign-up, we will issue you a full refund.