Terms of Service - Plain, simple, and straight forward.

DarkStar's 45-day risk-free trial

If there is a problem with our service in the first 45-days of becoming a new customer, and we are unable to resolve it for you in the first five business days of your support ticket submission date, you get a full refund -- absolutely no questions asked.

Please note that this is not an un-paid free trial. You still have to pay for the 45-days of service.

How do I cancel my account?

Submit a ticket to http://my.darkstarllc.com at least 24 hours prior to your service renewing. Should service lapse, you can still cancel and receive a refund up to 72 hours (very strict) after the renewal.

Customer will be required to verify their identity by providing the last 4 digits of their credit card or last PayPal Transaction ID. Accounts will not be canceled until verification is completed. This is done for security purposes. Often times we get disgruntled clan members attempting to pose as the account holder, against their wishes.

Upon cancellation, no further charges for service beyond your cancellation date will be processed. However, anything due up until the date of cancellation is still required to be paid.

Service Availability

DarkStar Communications ensures that at any given time, a user will be able to receive service in accordance with the bullet points below.

If a machine itself goes offline, you will be given the option to spawn a temporary server in a location that is currently online and active, ensuring you have service while your primary server is having trouble.

Should you wish to have an added sense of security in case your instance fails due to a configuration problem, we recommend purchasing our $1.49/month server redundancy feature.

We do guarantee 99.7% uptime on physical server machines and the network operating them in data centers that we have some level of control over (United States, Canada, London, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Israel).

Uptime is measured on the past 30-days of performance of ICMP (Ping) responses.

Accounts Renew Automatically

Accounts renew automatically unless canceled by a support representative.

The customer can cancel at any time (in accordance with the terms above) via contacting our support team.

Canceling a PayPal subscription does not cancel service with our company (we are not notified in a manner by PayPal that allows us to process these as cancellations).

Free trial services are the exception, they will expire automatically unless otherwise renewed. Please know that any unused free trial server is subject to early termination.