Looking for quick, friendly customer service? We've got it.

  • Support tickets (open a ticket) are responded to in an average of one half hour.
  • Customer service agents are friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Our cancellation system is fully automated.

Support Tickets

You may find our official support center at http://my.darkstarllc.com. This is the best and only official way to contact a DarkStar representative. Typical response times are 15-90 minutes, and can vary depending on business hours.

Cancellations: DarkStar uses an automated cancellation system. To cancel, simply go to submit a ticket in our support suite, and choose Cancellations. Follow on-screen instructions.

Phone Number / via E-Mail

+1 (877) 677-9014 or support at darkstarllc.com.

DarkStar now provides a phone number that our customers can dial to reach a customer service representative 24/7/365 for both sales and support.