Our Spawn Point

Our company’s spawn point was on the CT side of de_dust. No, we weren’t camping the bomb site. Okay, maybe a little camping-ish, but it was more like sniping. In 2002, our co-founders Chris Childers and Brett Guarnieri decided to launch a communications monster that would eventually become the world’s largest and most sought after Ventrilo and Teamspeak network.

Our services give customers the DarkStar edge. Since our founding, our goal has been to provide our customers with high-quality servers and high-quality customer care, an overall competitive advantage that no other company has been able to match. By committing ourselves to total customer satisfaction, we have been able to rapidly become the steadfast leader in online voice communications. That is why hundreds of thousands of gamers connect to our Ventrilo and TeamSpeak servers every day.

Our Infrastructure

We’re not some fly-by-night operation. We have a brick and mortar support headquarters in Arizona, additional branch offices, and 16 worldwide locations. We route our own traffic and we announce our own IP space. We have our own in-house support staff, with full-time technicians on call 24/7.

We’re all gamers, but we’re not just hobbyists. We’re professional hosting by gamers, for gamers. At work, we run game servers and voice servers. In our free time, we capture flags, plant bombs, and raid Icecrown Citadel. But it’s not all play. Our cell phones are on 24-hours a day and they’re set to beep if a server goes down. We respond instantly in the unlikely event of downtime. There is always someone on duty whose explicit job is to monitor servers and support.

Why are we here 24-hours a day, seven days a week? It’s because we’re gamers and we know what you want and expect from a game server provider network. We know you’ll never want to go anywhere else.